CERTH (RTD*, Greece)
Contact: Prof. Giannis Giakas 

CERTH is a legal, non-profit entity organized under the auspices of the General Secretariat for Research and Technology (GSRT), of the Greek Ministry of Development. CERTH draws heavily from the critical scientific mass of the University of Thessaly. CERTH’s mission is to conduct basic, applied, and technological research that leads to new materials, products and services with industrial, economic and social impact. Members of Electronics, Materials, and Mechatronics will contribute to the implementation of the proposed research. All members have extensive research experience, evident by their individual publications, their success in obtaining research grants in the EU and USA and their patents.

  Pulverit (SMEP*, Italy)
Contact: Mr. Stefano Saccardi

Pulverit s.p.a. is specialized in the production of thermosetting powders, coatings and new generation of photo curable powder to coat hear sensitive materials. Pulverit was born in Milan in 1973. Now, PUL has production sites in Poland, Germany Romania and Brazil. The main products comprise various compositions of nanopowders. Their products are manufactured according on established standards and with a market-oriented view. Their knowledge and technologies include among others coatings for metals as well as ceramics. PUL is certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Their personnel are highly experienced, continuously trained and keeps up with the latest methods and practices. R&D activities constitute their top priority and they support this activity by getting involved into EU projects. 

Henson Ceramics (SMEP, UK)
Contact: Mr. Mark Henson

Henson Ceramics Ltd. has deep and wide innovation experience in the field of ceramic synthesis, characterization and applications including powder production and target manufacture. The Company's activities include various glass-ceramics and metal oxides manufacture processes. Henson Ceramics’s staff have world-leading expertise that brings together physics, chemistry and engineering for the solution of problems related to inorganic materials such as TCOs, electro-ceramics and metal powders development for PV, FPD and electronics industries.


SOCRATE industrie (SMEP, France)
Contact: Mr. Cristian PETIT

Socrate industrie is a rapidly growing company created in 2008. Their main capacity is to develop and integrate machinery for manufacturing machines and particularly in the case where high quality PVD sputtering is required. They are expertise are expanded in a variety of sectors and especially in the technology of layer deposition .They are experts in the PVD sputtering and integrates transparent conducting layers in the products of various industrial sectors. They are developing innovative deposition techniques such as PVD (magnetron sputtering, laser ablation), CVD (MO-CVD, LPCVD). All these facts makes them a highly pioneering and dynamic SME supplying TCO layers and components to the electronics/displays and solar industries. They wish to further innovate and move into higher value materials and components especially with business expansion to the solar materials sector. Therefore, they are principally interested in constructing the alternative to ITO AltiTude m-TCO materials.

Mat-Tech (SMEP, The Netherlands)
Contact: Mr. Roel Denteneer

Mat-Tech BV is an innovative metallurgical company with focus on research, development and production of lead-free and high performance solders for electronic applications. Mat-Tech BV is a SME located near Eindhoven and has a proven track record as interconnection technology supplier. We offer to solder technology related services like contract R&D (e.g. application and process development), consultancy (process improvement), testing services (reliability) and failure analysis, prototyping and special alloy production. In order to do all these different activities, Mat-Tech BV has invested in a wide variety of equipment like Scanning Electron Microscopy equipped with Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy, Optical Microscopy, Meniscograph (Wetting balance), Laser equipment, Ultrasonic soldering systems, several furnaces and so on. With our services we have contributed to the success of applications in a wide variety of industries, a.o. electronics, electronic components, medical, aerospace, lab equipment, machine building, solar industry, process industry and automotive.

CYRIC (RTD, Cyprus)
Contact: Dr. Philimis Panayiotis

CYRIC is a Center of Excellence in the fields of Applied Research and offers Research and. CYRIC was founded after taking over the activities of Applied Research and Consultancy Department of CNE Technology Ltd (an associated company with twelve years experience in R&D). CYRIC's experience expands to in analysis, as well as material/product conformity testing and filling. CYRICis housed in 1000sqm with cutting edge equipment including a state of the art electronics & systems integration lab they have a deep knowledge of software packages: 3D Design, FEM, CFD analysis etc. their personnel expertise carries all the CYRIC's experiences which includes participation as the main RTD performer in four European (two as coordinator including an FP7-SME) and 30 National R&D projects (six as coordinator).

Brunel University (RTD, UK)
Contact: Dr. Brian McKay

Brunel centre for Advanced Solidification Research (BCAST) is an academic research centre focusing on both fundamental and applied research on solidification of metallic materials at Brunel University, UK.

Inspiralia (RTD, Spain)
Contact: Mr. Carlos del Castillo

Tecnologías Avanzadas Inspiralia, S.L. is a unique private initiative involved in Research, Development and Innovation services to companies. It offers its clients a complete cradle to grave service from product or process conceptual design to the delivery of market-oriented technology. It provides technical support to industrial companies, offering them R&D services and strategies for production improvement, increasing the competitiveness of their product offering. Within Inspiralia technical capabilities, its Advanced Materials department is composed by a multi-disciplinary team with more than 35 years of combined experienced in delivering R&D to the industry in the technological fields of: functional/smart materials, surface technology, coatings and adhesives and materials processing.

Iliako Revma (OTH*, Greece)
Contact: Mr. Michail Agriogiannos

A leading Greek company supplying and installing systems for the electrical energy production from reusable energy sources. They are developing renewable sources projects and have the project management during installation and maintenance.

CETRI (RTD, Cyprus)
Contact: Mr. Miltiadis Vasileiadis

CETRI, provides focused research on Engineering and Information Technology. CETRI is located in Cyprus, producing cost effective solutions for entrepreneurs, independent enterprises and academic institutions. They contribute in the implementation of technological innovations. CETRIs researchers offer technological advice, launch new innovation routes, and provide guidance and support until they reach the desired goal. Their main purpose is to find concrete solutions to AltiTude's challenges. CETRI provides R&D services and tools for various engineering and electronic product development and embedded systems.

Prisma Electronics (SMEP, Greece)
Contact: Mr. Serafeim Katsikas

Prisma Electronics was established in 1991 in Alexandroupolis, Greece. Through consistent and continuous effort, it has evolved into a specialized Information and Communication Technology Company, entering in parallel, in the electronics technology field. Characterized by innovation, the main objective is the development of high technology corporate products and services in the field of Electronics, Information & Communication Technology and Energy management. Exports-orientation in new-dynamic markets is one of company’s priorities especially the promotion of corporate products. Today, as a result of its continuous and persistent effort, the Company is considered to be the largest of its kind in the Greek region, characterized by quality, competitiveness, reliability and effective support to its worldwide partners. The personnel which support the activities of the Company consist of more than 50 people and it goes through a highly qualified process and it is being constantly trained. The working environment supports creativity and continuous improvement through the development of new ideas in theory and experimentation and implementation in practice. Prisma Electronics is certified by TUV HELLAS for the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management system. The organizational structure consists of the departments of Management, Finance and Administration and the Sectors of Electronics, ICT and Research & Development.

*RTD: Research and Technological Development
*SMEP: Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
*OTH: Other enterprises and end-users