Project Manager

AltiTude Project Manager (PM) is Dr. Alexandros Zoikis-Karathanasis of CERTH. He holds a MSc in Materials Science and Technology from NTUA and a PhD in the field of nanostructured materials synthesis. For more than ten years he has been actively involved in Scientific as well as Research & Development projects, Dr. Karathanasis has published more than 35 scientific and technical papers in international journals and conferences.

During the last three years he has coordinated four FP7 projects. He will coordinate the common project efforts and secure results in every work package (WP). He will by default act as liaison to the EC and the nominated scientific officer (SO). He will consolidate cost statements and budgetary overviews. He will aim for early identification of delays to any of the milestones or deliverables. Initially these will be raised with the relevant work package leaders (WPLs).