Project Steering Committee

The Project Steering Committee (PSC) comprises of representatives of each participant. The PSC Chairman is Mr. Mark Henson. PSC includes the Project Manager (PM) who will report to the PSC and be the interface between the PSC, the project team and the EC project officer. The Project Coordinator CERTH has selected Dr. Alexandros Zoikis – Karathanasis as the Project Manager. Dr. Alexandros Zoikis – Karathanasis has been involved in various Research projects for more than 10 years in Research, Development and Innovation: Project & Scientific Coordination of Consortia for more than 5 years.

Except of his scientific background and managerial skills he has to provide the consortium with a significant financial and commercial/exploitation background.The PSC shall also contain a Technical Manager who will be responsible for giving advice on technical risks and contingencies. The technical risks manager will be Prof. Carlos del Castillo of RTD Inspiralia. He has over 20 year’s successful track record of technology management and development. He has successfully finished STEELPROST (Technical Manager) and is addressing Ecovarn (Coordinator) industrial scale-up, both FP7 projects focused on the development of nano enhanced fire resistant coatings (SteelProst) and new bio-based polymers for coatings (Ecovarn). Innovative IPR has been generated in both projects (patent pending).

The PSC shall also contain an Exploitation Manager who will be responsible for the management of all exploitation and IPR matters. The exploitation manager will be Mr. Katsikas Serafeim from the SME Prisma, he has being selected because of his vast experience of of high technology productions to the electronics/displays and solar industries. The PSC will meet at least six- monthly, with the first meeting at project commencement. Through this mechanism, the entire consortium will be proactively responsible to the EC for producing the deliverables to the schedule described in the Contract, and for consolidating the project plans, progress reports, cost statements and budgetary overviews.